15 February: European Parliament votes on CETA
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Call your MEP today!
February 2017 – Let's finish off CETA!
Dear friends,

You and over 3.5 Million Europeans have supported the European Citizens' Initiative against TTIP and CETA. You shared and continue to share information regarding these dangerous treaties. You have been out on the streets demonstrating and convincing fellow citizens. You rooted for Wallonia in their vaillant resistance fight against CETA.

But the most crucial days are right now. Next Wednesday, 15 February, Members of the European Parliament will cast their vote on CETA, the EU-Canada trade deal.

We have seven days to convince them to say NO.
During the past months, over 110.000 citizens across Europe reached out to their representatives via the CETA CHECK tool and hundreds of thousands sent them postcards. As of today, 138 MEPs publicly pledged to vote against it. However, for the majority, we need around 350-376 votes.

We know of many MEPs who are still undecided or consider voting against CETA but refrained from announcing this publicly. Now, it is in your hands to bring them on our side: for people, for the planet, for consumer protection, for public services, for democracy - against corporate greed and non-transparent deals!

Use these seven days:

- Call your MEPs and tell them to say NO to CETA - it's easy with our handy guide. Do it free of charge with the online phone tool of SumOfUs!
- Organise a Fax Friday party with your colleagues and friends to fax lots of personal messages to the MEP offices.
- Catch your MEP in his local office or events in your region this weekend!
- Send a request to your MEPs with a few clicks via the CETA CHECK.

And if you can, join us in Strasbourg the evening before and on the day of the vote! If you can't be there: support us on social media (#StopCETA)!

The European Parliament is the elected body to represent the interest of 540 Million European citizens. We have to make sure they hear the voice of their voters.

Now it is time to get loud!

Your Stop TTIP team,
Dániel Fehér, Stephanie Roth and Matthew Read
Strasbourg Action

Strasbourg, here we come!

When the European Parliament votes on CETA, we will be there, right in front of the building. We will tell MEPs that their job is to represent citizens' interest and say NO to CETA. Check out the actions planned and join us!

Call your MEP - the CETA CHECK phone guide is there to help you

Not sure what to say to your MEP?

A handy guide to make calling Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on CETA easy as a stroll in the park.

Austria says 563.553 times NO to CETA

Austria says NO to CETA

When people are given a voice on CETA, the message is clear. Within just one week 562.552 Austrians signed a petition to stop CETA, TTIP and TISA. Will European legislators listen to them?

CETA: Not all that glitters is gold

CETA: Not all that glitters is gold

With the EU Parliament’s final vote on the EU-Canada trade deal fast approaching, outdated figures and empty advertisements are being used by Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to combat the threat to 90 million jobs.

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