European Parliament set to vote mid-February
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5 to CETA
January 2017 – It's five to CETA!
Dear friends,

Happy New Year! We hope this reaches you well rested and in feisty spirits! We will need all your energy and support in the coming days up to the final vote on CETA, the EU-Canada trade agreement in the European Parliament, currently scheduled to take place on 14/15 February 2017.

It's five to CETA – so now is the time to concentrate all efforts into a final push and pressure our representatives to vote against that murky deal! Take out the little time it takes to talk to friends and relatives about CETA and encourage them to engage with their Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).
It's simple: in less than 30 days each and every MEP will take a stance on CETA by either showing a thumb up or down or abstain during the plenary vote. You have the right to know how they will vote – because that's how democracy works, right? Use the CETA CHECK to find out if your MEP has already pledged to vote against CETA and if he/she hasn't done so yet, then contact them and ask for an answer!

If you prefer to do this offline, then you can send them our CETA CHECK postcard. Either way, don't hold back from letting them know what you think!

Out of all the communication channels, phoning MEPs is the most powerful. There is nothing like the real thing! You can find all MEP numbers along with a practical phone call guide on the CETA CHECK website. Silence is the enemy!

When you email, fax and call your MEPs, neighbours from all across the EU will be doing the same. Together you are a force to be reckoned with. Just look at what you achieved so far: six months ago, hardly anyone knew about CETA. Since then tens of thousands of citizens have taken their concerns to the streets, more than hundred thousand contacted their MEPs with the CETA CHECK and opposition is increasing by the day, including among MEPs and expert parliamentary committees.

This shows once again that people are the most powerful agents of change! When we come together, that's when decision-makers will listen! To show just how strong and united we are, there will be a day of action across Europe on 21 January, 2017! Join protest events or organise one at your MEP's home office.

The bigger the opposition, the smaller CETA becomes!

Your Stop TTIP team,
Matthew Read, Dániel Fehér and Stephanie Roth
Day of Action

January 21 - Day of Action!

Join in on 21 January to tell your representatives in Brussels to vote stop CETA!

MEP Phone Call Guide

MEP Phone Call Guide

Calling your MEPs and discussing CETA is probably the most effective way of convincing them to vote against this dangerous agreement. You don't need to be a trade expert to do it. Check out our practical guide with tips on calling your representative about CETA.

Mellior Visit

CETA Countdown: Citizens visit their MEP in Potsdam, Germany!

On January 6th about 30 activist from various Berlin and Brandenburg organizations gathered, to show MEP Susanne Melior of the German SPD that her consent with CETA is not in the interest of the Brandenburg citizens.

Results of ENVI vote

Results of Environmental Committee CETA Vote

In a big blow to the people and the planet, the European Parliament’s Environmental Committee voted to give their consent to CETA. Check out the results – if your MEP voted in favour of CETA, give them a call and tell them what you think.

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