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December 2016 – CETA goes to the European Parliament - time to act!

Dear friends,

The CETA treaty has been signed by Canadian and European leaders. This marks the start of the ratification process in the European Parliament.

It is therefore more important than ever that we contact our MEPs and tell them how we want them to vote! You can do that right now using the CETA CHECK 2.0 tool – and there are many more ways you can get involved listed below!
Until last week, the CETA vote was scheduled for as early as December. For now, it looks like MEPs will be voting in early February, which still leaves very little time to debate and work through the 1600 page document. This is both unprecedented and undemocratic. One thing is clear: this is an attempt to bypass parliamentary scrutiny and fast-track the decision-making process. You find more information on the ratification process on our blog.

There is, however, evidence that pressure from citizens, NGOs, and critical MEPs works.

The international trade committee of the European Parliament initially tried to exclude other committees from the ratification process – this is not normal procedure. Thanks to our efforts to call out this attempt to undermine important checks and balances, the commitees on environment, transport, and employment will also be allowed to give an opinion on CETA after all!

Another case of abnormal procedure: the European Parliament is usually keen to ensure that what they adopt complies with EU law as a whole. Not in the case of CETA, though. Last Wednesday, a motion seeking an opinion of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on the compatibilty of the Investment Court System (ICS) with EU law was voted down by the very people who are supposed to represent our interests – our MEPs! Click here to find out how your MEPs voted.

MEPs are elected by us and we have the power to hold them accountable. We need to make it clear to them that we do not want CETA and make it politically impossible for them to be in favour of it. CETA endangers environmental, labour, health and other social legislation – a vote for CETA is a vote for corporations, not citizens.

We need to act now if we want to make a difference!

Here are ways you can get involved and let your MEP know what you think. Or check our out CETA Action Map to find out what events are going on near you!

Best wishes from your Stop TTIP team,
Dániel Fehér, Stephanie Roth and Matthew Read
You've got mail

CETA CHECK postcards

Order a stack of our postcards (currently available in English, German, and French) for free and send them to your MEPs! All you need to add is their name, a stamp, and if you like, a personalised message.

Fax Friday

Fax Friday is on the go!

From now on, every Friday is FAX FRIDAY! Send a fax to your MEP from the comfort of your home. Don't have a fax machine? Find people or an office who have one and organise a Fax Friday party! We do it every Friday and it's huge fun!

CETA on Twitter

#CETAtuesday #CETAthursday

By focusing all our energy on one or two MEPs a day, we can work together and it will be harder for them to ignore us! We will collectively tweet at one MEP a day with our concerns, questions, and demands.

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