Autumn 2016: The last days of CETA?
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Dear friends,

We hope you all have returned energised from your Summer! The decisive battle on CETA (the little ugly brother of TTIP) is knocking at our door, and we certainly will need lots of energy to conquer this beast.

The crucial votes in the EU Council and the European Parliament are approaching quickly. Our trade ministers could already give the green light to the deal with Canada at the end of next week, with a formal decision scheduled for late October. If they approve it, the European Parliament might vote on it before the end of this year.
So now is the right time to raise our voices louder than ever before and tell our decision makers: We don’t want this murky trade deal! Our democracy, our environmental and consumer standards and our social rights are not for sale!

Thus, we call on you to take part in the Autumn of Action: In the coming weeks, citizens all across Europe will organise protests to make our resistance visible and send a clear message to our governments and our representatives in parliaments.

This Saturday, there will be large demonstrations in seven German and five Austrian cities. A week later, citizens will rally in Brussels, the heart of EU policy making. And when our ministers gather in Bratislava, we will be also there to increase pressure! Join in!

Only our strong voice can stop CETA and TTIP. And it's been proven: The German vice chancellor already started to talk about the “death of TTIP” while the French president is even calling for a formal end of the negotiations. Of course, at the same time they push the deal with Canada even harder, because they (and the corporate lobby behind them) can get most of what they want out of TTIP through CETA.

Your pressure can make CETA crumble, too: Austria’s chancellor already announced that his country might vote against CETA in the Council. Currently, he is organising a survey of his party members. Other governments also indicated that their support cannot be taken for granted. We have seen it: The more the public knows about TTIP and CETA, the more people oppose it and the harder it gets for our politicians to support it.

Of course, you should not just sit and wait between the actions: With the CETA CHECK! you can remind your trade ministers and Members of the European Parliament what’s wrong with CETA and demand that they position themselves clearly on the critical issues instead of chanting fluffy lines about the “benefits of trade”.

Let’s force ministers and MEPs to put the cards on the table – do the CETA CHECK now! 

It’s time to get loud, let’s make this autumn the “last days of CETA”!

Best wishes from your Stop TTIP team,
Michael Efler, Dániel Fehér and Stephanie Roth
Demonstration in Bratislava

Demonstration in Bratislava

The key debate in the CETA ratification process will take place in Bratislava on Sept. 22-23. In a behind closed door meeting, EU ministers will either choose to protect people and the planet or let the deal go through. We will not let them have yet another unnoticed debate. Join us!

Democracy for Sale Awards

Democracy for Sale Awards

TTIP negotiations are happening behind closed doors, hand in hand with big business lobby groups. Their influence is so great that their collaboration with TTIP negotiators deserves closer scrutiny. Your contribution: Give the most successful business group an award!

Johannes Voggenhuber

The Six Lies of CETA and TTIP

Former Member of the European Parliament, Johannes Voggenhuber provides some clarity and exposes the lies and deception behind the creators of these so-called trade deals. Check out this blog post for an expert's insight TTIP and CETA.

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